Investment Costs Count

It is our belief that clients should understand how their advisor is being compensated and by whom. We have no conflicts or hidden agenda, no vested interest in selling you anything other than our expertise.

Our wealth management fee utilizes a laddered fee structure based on the level of assets under management. All the elements of our comprehensive financial planning services are included in this fee, because we believe that clients are best served when their asset management is performed in conjunction with a clear understanding of all the financial components of their life.

Because our fees increase only if your portfolio grows, our interests are aligned with yours. We focus on your financial objectives and your future. 

Our fee structure is based on the following schedule:


Total Value of All Managed Accounts

Per month


$500,000 > $1 million



$1 million > $2 million



$2 million > $5 million



> $5 million




We partner with a select group of clients who are financially successful, experienced, and prudent investors with a minimum household portfolio size of $500,000. We also work with clients who do not yet meet this threshold but are on a path that will get them there in the future.